The History Of Pirzwell Barn

The idea of using Pirzwell Barn as a wedding venue first came about in 2019 when Anastasia & James got engaged and were looking for somewhere to get married.

They both have a love for the Devon countryside and scenic sunsets and with James growing up on the farm they knew that the barn would be the perfect place. It did however seem like a mad idea at the time given the barn was in a sorry state!

The barn originally started off as a pig barn  but unfortunately, due to the turbulent nature of farming, it saw its last pigs in 2019 and then remained vacant for a time.

After a period of emptiness, a new opportunity arose for the barn to be revitalised. Following repairs from storm damage and a thorough cleaning, new tenants found their way in. For the first time in the farms history Ducks were raised at Pirzwell and made the barn their home.

Lovingly Restored

Covid had briefly paused Anastasia and James’s wedding plans, but by August 2022, just in time for their wedding, the ducks moved, and the barn was cleaned up.

They set up a bar, a flower arch, and draped white parachute pieces & fairy lights from the ceiling. Suddenly this once falling down Pigsty was turned into a beautiful wedding venue.

Given the success of the day, in the months after the wedding the team (Dave, James & Anastasia) decided to go for planning permission to enable other couples create special memories at the barn and the rest is history!

Meet the team


James is an aircraft engineer by day but our glorified maintenance man by night.

You’ll most likely bump into him mowing the lawn or fixing things around the barn. He or Dave will be on call on your special day to help with any of the more mechanical/technical behind the scenes running of the wedding barn.


(or Anny as most people like to call her!)

Anny will be your go to when it comes to all things wedding organisation. She’ll be your main point of contact during your wedding journey at Pirzwell Barn. 

She loves getting stuck into the planning process and finding out about your unique love story to make sure it gets reflected in your big day.


Dave is the ‘OG’ farmer of Pirzwell farm.

Don’t let that fool you though, Dave is the creative genius behind the barn as he renovated it from the old pig unit into the barn it is today.

If you have any decorative requests inside the barn like drapes etc then Dave is the man to help make it happen.

Tucker, Clive & Pickle

No farm is ever complete without farm dogs and these are our bunch!

You may see them around the barn when you come to visit but don’t let that put you off we’ll keep them out of the way for your special day. Tucker does have a bowtie though, if you were looking for a furry ring bearer!